brmstools 0.5.3

  • Include data standard errors in forest plots if requested.

brmstools 0.5.2

  • Fixed functions to work with brms’ new names for interval limits


  • Use markdown in roxygen documentation
  • Allow user to choose grouping factor
    • Use get_grouping() internally to choose grouping factor

brmstools 0.5.0

  • Use testthat for unit testing

brmstools 0.4.0

  • New function: coefplot() for visually summarizing a model’s coefficients

brmstools 0.3.0

  • New function: panels() for panel plots
  • New function: spaghetti() for spaghetti plots
  • Use tidyfitted() in the backend for above functions, for extracting fitted values at multiple levels
  • Add readme
  • Add pkgdown documentation

brmstools 0.2.0

  • Improved forest() to display multiple parameters
  • tidycoef() for obtaining tidy tibbles of posterior draws, to be used by plotting functions
  • Short vignette for using forest()
  • theme_forest() to be used with forest plots
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.

brmstools 0.1.0

  • Basic forest plots with forest()