brmstools is an R package available on GitHub.

brmstools provides convenient plotting and post-processing functions for brmsfit objects (bayesian regression models fitted with the brms R package).

brmstools is in beta version so will probably break down with some inputs: Suggestions for improvements and bug reports are welcomed. For anything more complex I strongly recommend using brms’ native functions instead (particularly its marginal_effects() and hypothesis() methods. Combined with ggplot2 those functions will create any visualization you can think of.)

Forest plots

Notably, forest() draws forest plots for meta-analytic and multilevel models:

Panel plots

panels() draws panel plots:

panels(fit_ml, xvar = "Days")

Spaghetti plots

spaghetti() draws spaghetti plots:

spaghetti(fit_ml, xvar = "Days")

Coefficient plots

coefplot() draws coefficient plots:


More information

Examples and instructions can be found at